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Heat Pump Installation & Repair

We Serve Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland and Lake Country

Add the all-in-one home comfort of a central heat pump to heat and cool your home. Our professional grade heat pumps offer quiet operation and modern energy efficiency.

What is a Heat Pump?

Contrary to what their name suggests, heat pumps are dual purpose. They work to draw heat inside the home in the winter (even in very cold weather) and release heat outside the home in the summer working as an air conditioner alternative. Instead of burning fuel like a conventional furnace, they move thermal energy between the inside of the home and the outside of the home through refrigerant lines.

Do Heat Pumps Work Well in the Okanagan Climate?

Although heat pumps have been around for over 100 years, they usually weren’t used in colder, northern climates because heating efficiency was lost in cold weather. In recent decades, the technology has greatly improved making them an increasingly popular choice. Modern heat pumps can extract heat out of the air even at minus 20 Celsius. They may also be paired with a gas furnace or electric heating system to improve efficiency in subzero temperatures.

Heat Pump Installation Kelowna

Why Choose a Heat Pump for Your Home?

Heat pumps are very energy efficient because they move heat energy rather than create it. This can help them achieve efficiencies of up to 300% under optimal conditions (3x the energy they consume). Modern environmental standards on new buildings in addition to low operating costs have made them a popular choice for homeowners.

Central Heat Pumps vs. Mini Splits

Which heat pump should you go with? It depends on the heating and cooling needs of your home and if your home contains ductwork. Central heat pumps can connect to an indoor air handler to distribute throughout the home just as a traditional furnace and air conditioner would. If your home doesn’t contain ductwork or you only need to heat and cool a portion of your home, mini split systems are an excellent option. Read more on mini splits here.

Access Up to $5000 in Energy Saving Rebates

As part of the shift away from fossil fuels (oil, propane, natural gas) the CleanBC rebates offer $3000 when switching to an electric heat pump. Kelowna residents are also eligible for an additional $2000 top up rebate for making the switch away from fossil fuels. Homeowners currently using electric furnaces are eligible for up to $2000 in rebates when switching to a heat pump. Additional details are available on the CleanBC website.

Why Tempstar?

We are an official supplier of Tempstar HVAC equipment. While we service all makes and models, we work exclusively with Tempstar for new heating and cooling equipment.

You may not have heard of the brand as much as other heating and cooling equipment providers. We are often asked, “Is it any good?”

Tempstar products are very dependable and efficient. They are backed by a 10-year warranty on parts.

Tempstar is a unit of International Comfort Products owned by Carrier.


Interested in learning if a heat pump is right for your home? Contact us for a free quote and we’ll help you select the right heating and cooling equipment to meet your needs.