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Water Filtration System Installation, Service & Repair

We Serve Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country & Peachland

Want to add an extra level of protection to your home’s water supply? We offer a range of filtration systems to improve your water quality, whether you want to improve the city supplied water, remove odours or colour from well water, or keep protected from the next boil advisory.

Water Filtration System Installation Kelowna

Whole Home Filtration or Single Tap
We offer filtration systems to cover your full home or single tap systems that simply install under the kitchen sink and supply a second drinking tap. If you’re unsure what type of filtration system to add, contact us and we’ll recommend the best system to suit your needs and budget.

Choosing the Right Filtration System
There are several options for filtration systems to improve your home’s water quality. The most common are reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and UV filtration. Each will have their own benefits and drawbacks and it will depend on what types of water issues you’re having as well as your usage.

Water Softener Systems
In Kelowna and the surrounding areas, we have hard water, which means water high in mineral content. This can lead to build up on your dishes and laundry as well as placing additional strain on your appliances. If you’re considering adding a whole home filtration system, it may be worth considering adding a water softener to save on partial installation costs. Read more on water softeners here.

Interested in learning more about your home filtration and water softening options? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the right system. Quotes are always free.