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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement

We Serve Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland and Lake Country

Have you been holding out on adding air conditioning to your home?

Heat waves combined with manufacturing delays can catch a lot of people off guard.

In recent years, heat waves across Western Canada and the US have created extreme demands that equipment suppliers just couldn’t keep up with, no matter what brand of equipment you decided to go with.

Don’t be one of the unlucky ones this summer. Reserve your air conditioner now and you’ll have an air conditioner with your name on it.

We have financing available once your install is complete. Click here to apply.

Add Professional Grade AC to Your Home

Keep your home cool in the hot, Okanagan summer with professional grade air conditioning equipment. All of our new installations come complete with a WIFI enabled thermostat included ($300 value), so you can maximize your energy efficiency by programming or controlling your system remotely. 

Installing a new air conditioner is a significant investment in your home. You’ve probably come across a lot of companies when looking for someone to help you with your home. So why trust us for the job?

It’s simple, quality service and honest work. We’re a family-run business and our livelihood depends on you. We don’t leave a job until you’re happy and we finish at the price we quoted you at. This includes callbacks. Some companies will actually bill you to come back and fix an issue with an installation. That doesn’t sit right with us.

We’ve all dealt with businesses that treat you like you’re an inconvenience to serve. That’s never something you’ll experience with us. Just ask some of our customers or read from our 5 star rating on Google.

Central Air Conditioning

Homes with existing forced air ducting and vent system

Central Air Conditioner

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

Homes or sections of homes with no duct work, heated by baseboards

Adding or Replacing Your Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioning unit is the most cost-effective solution for cooling an entire home evenly. These units can be directly tied to any existing central air furnace to manage your heating and cooling with the same temperature controls. New units offer peace of mind with warranties of up to 10 years.

Connecting Central AC to an Older Furnace

Central air conditioners can be added to any furnace but older furnaces will lose some efficiency to deliver the required air volume through the cooling evaporator coils. To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, it may be a consideration to upgrade your furnace at the same time as having central AC installed. Having both installed at once will save money in technician labour time. New furnaces are also eligible for FortisBC rebates of up to $1000 on top of the savings on your energy bills.  Connect a new qualifying thermostat and receive an extra $150 back (thermostat included with every new furnace installation/AC installation)


Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

Install a ductless, mini split air conditioner & heat pump combo and receive up to $2000 in rebates from FortisBC on top of your future energy savings.

Our ductless air conditioners and heat pumps can be mounted in any room in your home.  These units are small and extremely quiet, providing the comfort and efficiency you are looking for. Applications where mini splits work best include:

  • Homes without ductwork, heated by baseboards
  • Home additions not covered by your current heating and cooling system
  • Homes with a desire for climate controlled zones

Mini splits are fully capable of both heating and cooling your entire home. Switching from baseboard heat will typically save 20-50% on bills. Read more on the benefits of mini splits here.

New AC and Ductwork Installations

Do you have a brand new build or are you switching from another heating method? We can help design and install the ventilation system as well as the furnace and air conditioning. We have a certified technician on hand to help with your sheet metal install.

It’s never too early to contact us to discuss a new build, we may even have a few tips that can save you money and headaches as your project progresses.

Should You Upgrade Your Furnace at the Same Time?

While it’s not a requirement to change both systems at the same time, there are significant benefits. This includes savings in overall installation costs if the second unit fails, increased energy efficiency, and saving your components from undue stress. We’ve put together a more detailed page on the benefits of upgrading both units here.

Why Tempstar?

We are an official supplier of Tempstar HVAC equipment. While we service all makes and models, we work exclusively with Tempstar for new heating and cooling equipment.

You may not have heard of the brand as much as other heating and cooling equipment providers. We are often asked, “Is it any good?”

Tempstar products are very dependable and efficient. They are backed by a 10-year warranty on parts and components, one of the best in the industry.

Tempstar is a unit of International Comfort Products owned by Carrier.


Contact us today for your free quote or estimate. We serve Kelowna and the surrounding areas ranging from Peachland to Lake Country.