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How to Claim FortisBC’s Double Rebates on Furnaces

For a limited time, FortisBC is offering double rebates on high-efficiency natural gas furnace upgrades (get your promo code by Dec 31!). Here are the details on how to claim and why you should take advantage of the savings now.

Get Your Promo Code Now, Install Your New Furnace Later

In order to claim your furnace rebate, you need to apply for a promo code by Dec. 31. You have until Mar. 31, 2021 to install the furnace. You can register for a promo code online from FortisBC here.

Installing a New Furnace Can Save Energy

Most furnaces installed before 1990 are lower-efficiency models that average between 60 and 70 percent efficiency. New high-efficiency gas furnaces range from 95 to 99 percent efficiency. On top of this, you have the assurance of warranties of 10 years on all furnace models we install.

Interested in learning more about a furnace replacement? We’re a member of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network and can help you along the way. Contact us for a free estimate or to book your installation.

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